Beauty of Finland

Unforgettable experiences

on wooden boat trips in the clear waters of river and lakes. Dining in the nature by open fire.

Please join us to create unforgettable memories in the beautiful nature of the Northern Kymenlaakso region in the South-East of Finland. Enjoy the warmth of the open fire, delicious meal while exchaning ideas with friends, clients, relatives, loved ones. Take a moment to absorb new energy from the nature. 

Let your soul fly free.

Scenes from our trips


River Kymi

The 7000 year old River Kymi is part of the history of our nation. It was the border between Sweden and Russia, as well as Finland and Russia. On trips you can hear about the history of the area, and our nation, tales and stories of the people who have inhabited the river banks.

Clean nature and woods

Repovesi National Park

Repovesi National Park offers magnificient environment to variety of outings and camping. Enjoy the serenity of nature, the untouchable forests. Take a dip into the clear lake. Enjoy pure local food prepared on open fire. Admire the ancient rock paintings or climb a mountain.

History of wood industry

Verla – the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Verla offers a unique visit to the history of wood industry and historical buildings. Spend a nigh in idyllic cabins.

KymiSun the Company

Appreciating nature is one of our values

KymiSun combines the strengths of culture, nature and history creating a mystical and positive image of the area as a lucrative place to visit. We can also provide a variety of interesting side activities.

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